Stavebnice obsahuje rotorové listy a vrtulku The Goblin 500 Sport line has been developed to provide the best performance for the best price.
Stylish fiberglass canopy.
New carbon tail boom manufactured using an innovative lower cost
G10 mainframe delivers performance on a budget. Compatible with the standard carbon frame to allow simple upgrading.
No blades included, giving you more freedom to choose your style and control your budge
Ability to use medium and full-size servos
The structural plates are now made of a plastic material Zytel70G33L. This change ensures a reduction of 48 grams in weight.
Main gear CNC H0423 (aluminum/delrin) in the basic kit
New Swashplate with high quality spherical bearing
General Specifications:
Main rotor diameter: 1136 mm
Main blade length: 500mm
Tail blade length: 80 mm
Weight including electronics: 1880 g (excluding batteries).
18T motor pulley included
Electronic Specifications:
Cyclic Servos: Mid and Standard size (36 and 40 mm)
Tail Servo: Standards size 40mm
Typical speed controller: 100A
Maximum motor size: 52 mm diameter, 58 mm height
Flight Battery: 6S 3300/4500 mAh, Battery compartment: 50x54x180mm
Kit Includes:
18T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
2 battery trays
Main blades 500 mm Tail blades
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